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  • The Foundation Trust Communications Office
    “Curator mangaer Peter Herbert's tireless enthusiasm and commitment has helped transform The Conference Centre Gallery Space into, as it was descibed by one visitor, 'one of the hidden gems of art display in London."
  • Andy Clough - Artist
    “Art has the power to transform, inspire, educate and motivate people to understand what it is to be human and understand the world around them. The Art Project’s passion as an incredible charity gives a platform for artists, like me, to showcase their talents for the greater good”
  • Raul Moya Mula  - Artist
    “I’ve been part of the Loudest Whispers for more than 2 years now. I enjoy the atmosphere and the freedom that the organisation gives you to express your artwork the way you want. it is also great what the organisation does to represent the LGBTQ+ community and artists. It is a wonderful place to be part of and I am very honoured to be part of it"
  • Sewing Circle Yarn Bombing - Patsy Tivy - Visitor
    “Absolutely fabulous darling ! Such diversity of traditions old and new ..a lifting of the spirits. The world needs sewing circles”
  • London's Light and Dark - Simone - Visitor
    “I came to this exhibition while on a visit from Leeds. So much powerful and amazing artwork. Portugal Prints are clearly an incredible exhibition and its wonderful to see so many thoughtful and moving art work”
  • 2019 Art of Caring - Emma and Diana - Visitor
    2019 ART OF CARING “We found the gallery and artworks in Art of Caring very soothing, interesting and impressive in quality and the whole experience has fortified us. Thank you “
  • 2020 Loudest Whispers - Scott B - Visitor
    “Such an entertaining witty display of art plus the Rimbaud/Verlaine film makes for a perfect mix “
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