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The Naked Soul

A short history of The Arts Project

The Arts Project was born in 2003 through a prism of light and reflection. An unloved and down at heels space separated two buildings linked to The Conference Centre at St Pancras Hospital where I worked as Medical Records Manager. This neglected space became alive with glimmers of possibility.


I had embarked on an evening  photography course at the old Working Men's College in Holmes Rd Kentish Town and became inspired by the prospect of staging an exhibition that would transform the healthcare space into a gallery.


I was given the go ahead for an exhibition titled Reflection And Light and used this hand developed photograph as the signature image for the gallery and its first exhibition. I remember returning to the

gallery the next day after installing a range of very sensitive and personal photographs feeling as if my soul was now naked, both exposed and vulnerable. Life would never be the same again.


How true. Over the next 2 decades the gallery prospered via the structure of The Arts Project aided by financial support from various changing NHS Charitable Funds. As manager of a medical records department I realised that if management

skills were sound and solid the same principles apply to any product whether a medical record or a painting.  


I welcomed and encouraged other artists. As a creative  myself, it has always been possible for me to value links between management allied to the practises and extremes of creativity. I have always taken great pleasure in sharing this knowledge with others who may wish to learn and develop. 


The Arts Project has survived and evolved over several decades and still shows no sign of abating. 


Peter Herbert

Manager & Curator

The Arts Project has grown over nearly 2 decades since the first exhibition Reflections and Light in 2003 was presented in a key inner London  location uniting  arts and health care.

Since then we have presented over 375 themed exhibitions and supported over 600 artists from within creative staff, service users and communities local, nationally as well as internationally.

Located in two areas adjacent to Conference Centre rooms at St Pancras Hospital, our spacious galleries offer artists opportunities to create mixed media installations, display in a lighting controlled gallery space as well as a second linked gallery offering the power and possibilities of natural light.

In the Covid-19 era, we have increased our online digital presence, linked up with new supporting organisations  while we enter a brave new world offering all the adventures of growth and possibilities in the linked worlds of art and health care.

Contact Details

tel 07720141713


Marius Els

Operations Manager

In 2018 I was introduced to

Peter and instantly loved the warm and friendly atmosphere of the gallery, the team and the

artists. When Peter offered me

the opportunity to become more

involved with TheArts Project in2019, I grabbed it with both hands and I am excited to be now part of this unique and exciting London art institution.


Now with our new website, blog and newsletter launched, we have the opportunity to share with our following, the latest news, spotlight on the artist of the month and our exciting

exhibition programme. During the lockdown in 2020, we launched two online exhibitions, which hopefully continues to show our resilience, motivation and commitment to The Arts Project and our artists.


Peter has been a wonderful mentor to me and it is a real joy to assist and help The Arts Project grow and adapt in an ever changing world. I am looking forward to seeing where we can take this wonderful organisation, whilst supporting the artists as much as we can.

Contact Details

tel 07961063808

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