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Sokari has been making virtual waves and drawing lots of attention, not only with his previous successful solo exhibition of the Rainbow Project but also currently setting up a brand new photography studio and exhibition space that is much more and he describes it as a creative hub for artists. We are very proud to have 3 of Sokari's photographic images from the Rainbow Project currently at The Loudest Whispers 2020 exhibition at St Pancras Conference Gallery, and also recently appeared at the Spin-off at The Old Diorama Gallery, as seen below. 

One of the images from the Rainbow Project at the Old Diorama Gallery, February 2020

Sokari's new Studio/Gallery that is also know as London Lighthouse Studio, is located in East London, the same building as the English National Ballet. There will be a big opening as soon as the current situation allows social gatherings.

Proposed Use 

Gallery Space The largest portion of the space would be dedicated to a new art gallery for London City Island. This would be a very flexible and adaptable space to be used for exhibitions curated by the gallery and by external curators. The space would be available for hire to artists and photographers who wish to show their work in the gallery. The space will also be available for corporate hire for events such as marketing events, seminars and workshops.

Photography Studio London Lighthouse Studio would relocate to this space from Hercules House. The studio will be fully equipped and available for professional photo shoots and for hire by other photographers. The studio space would also serve as an extension to the gallery for larger exhibitions and events. 

Workshops & Classes The gallery will run a regular programme of workshops and classes.

Gallery Shop The gallery will sell a selection of prints, cards, books, souvenirs, etc. It will also offer framing and printing services through collaboration with other local businesses which will carry out the work offsite.

Creative and Community Hub The gallery will strive to become a creative hub and focal point for artists and other creatives. It will be place where they can work or just relax and where people of like minds can meet and share ideas. We wish Sokari all the best with this wonderful endeavour.

You can read more about Sokari and his future plans in his interview with Unity.London

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