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Photograph by Darren Filkins

*AHETAS is the long time partner of Lucinda Sieger and I first met Ahetas through encounters with Lucinda. I noticed a fertile cross over of two artists linked on many levels through creative journeys that stretch over several decades from Scottish origins to the islands of Greece into the great melting pot of London. These creative fusions fascinated me. It is therefore a real pleasure to now bring together the two artist musicians in what is essentially an intimate but epic retrospective , presented in the beautiful space of our extended gallery space at The Conference Centre. As the Bard once wrote " if music be the food of on* 

Untitled by Ahetas currently exhibited at St Pancras Conference Gallery

Can you tell us the source of your creativity – was it trained or self-taught.

'Having grown up in Greece one of the key primary elements which impact the senses on a daily basis is the quality of light. From the blue of the sky and sea which can often fuse in certain lights to the rich earth colours of the land there is a dramatically changing palette which is determined by the time of day, the weather and the season. These visual experiences have certainly influenced my approach to the elements of colour and space within my work.

Greek mythology and philosophy have undoubtable influenced the way I interpret and respond to the world around me. As a musician and composer I am familiar with the challenges of the creative process and these are not dissimilar to those encountered by a visual artist. Harmony, dissonance, scale and spatial relationships are some aspects which easily translate across the different mediums.'

As a Greek born artist how did the move to the UK effect your creativity. 'London is one of the major cultural centres of the world and offers the opportunity to engage with a wide range of ideas and artistic practice. As an artist as well as a musician and composer I was able to establish a network of practitioners across several disciplines. I found this enriching and certainly benefited from being closer to current critical thinking and emerging trends. Ultimately however this stimulus is always filtered through our individual history and experience.'

And vice versa – how has the return to Greece on your creativity and themes.

'There is a distinct difference in terms of sensory input. London provides an urban and frenetic stimulus which encourages me to look outward. On the other hand Greece allows a more contemplative approach where time slows down and there is the chance to engage more directly with the natural rhythms of passing days and seasons. I often find that thoughts and ideas which may have surfaced while in London are worked through more coherently in an environment which is more conducive to reflection. Both places serve the creative process in diverse ways.'

Untitled by Ahetas currently exhibited at St Pancras Conference Gallery

Are there any links you can tell us about in relation to the flat surface of paint on canvas with sounds from musical instruments or are they two different areas. 'The creative challenges are not dissimilar whatever the medium. Both are concerned with distilling an idea and allowing it to develop gradually to a point where it finds a natural conclusion. A willingness to let the process evolve and determine the next step is a vital element of the creative process for me. I am not necessarily concerned with re-producing a pre-determined result whatever the discipline.'

How do you see the way creativity will change in the years ahead as a result of life and the way the pandemic has impacted on life.

'In my case the creative process is a solitary endeavour. Long periods spent alone in the studio either composing or painting allows me to focus and reflect. It is an essential element of most artist’s practice and is now something that is imposed on the global population. For many the lack of interaction is understandably a huge challenge. No one can say what the long term impact may be but it’s evident already that artists are adapting and finding new ways to connect and communicate with the world.'

Untitled by Ahetas currently exhibited at St Pancras Conference Gallery

Ahetas Teaser Trailer by Anna Bowman

Thank you Ahetas for being our ARTIST OF THE MONTH

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